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the only full service event management Agency for Entrepreneurs who want to create high-touch, impactful events that change the course of their Companies
The Only Full Service Event Management Agency For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Create High-Touch, Impactful Events That Change The Course Of Their Companies
"Launch My Digital Biz IS The Secret to A Successful Digital Launch"
Let Us Focus On Your Launch And You Focus On What You Love
ABOUT US Is The Only Mega Agency With Award Winning  USA/CAD Freelancers That Truly Know your Business! 
LaunchMyFunnel SERVICES
We provide an all in one launch solution for Entreprenerus from Funnels, Membership sites, Webinars, Email Automation and more!
We believe that to truly connect with your customers, you gotta do it face-to-face.

 Not through a webinar. Not through Skype. Not through a hologram.
You Gotta Be in the Same. Damn. Room.
Whether you're hosting an intimate 10-person retreat, a 50-person networking event, or 200-person conference, live & in-person experiences are the pivoting point for growing brands that are addicted to making an impact.
High-Impacting Digital Entrepreneurs and Coaches who are fed up with webinars that don't convert or courses that don't sell. 

If you're ready to duplicate the success of highly successful entrepreneurs, then apply for a FREE 15 Minute discovery call.
We provide custom signature event services personalized to you and your brand... 
You woudn't buy an off-the-rack gown, so why should your business event strategy be any different? 

We say SCREW pre-built packages and instead, we focus on building you a fully customized event that is ON-BRAND, with your ideal customers in mind. Our unique method covers you from every angle (and some) from drafting your event and selling it out, to hosting and managing it.

Seriously, we got you.
720° Power Plan™️
  • Whether you want to DIY your event or hire me and my team for the production, this is the perfect only first step to creating a signature event.
  • Deep Review : From your prework, I start digging into your brand, industry, competitors, and most importantly-your customers. This is where all the juicy ideas start flowing that I bring to you in our 1-on-1 session. 
  • 2 Hour Intensive: Time to get hype. During this stage we work 1-on-1 and hash out all of our ideas live to create a roadmap of your event as well as pricing strategies.
  •  720° Power Plan™️: From our call, I go into my planning cave and don't emerge until I've drawn up the HOLY GRAIL of event power plans tailored specifically to your brand that we'll use to bring the event to life. We're talking timetables, budgets, templates, schedules, vendor lists, plans, to do lists...
  •  Pre-requisites: Application and pre-work submitted. Starts at 1k. Subject to availability.
EventFULL™️ Marketing
  • ​You may know marketing, but marketing a high ticket offer is a beast unto itself. With our EventFULL™️ Marketing Method, you'll be set up to sell out
  • Marketing Strategy: Everything from designing your campaign to ticket sale strategies. Also includes framework for  pitching it to your tribe through various medias. 
  • Ads: Ads for social media, designed to rock response and sell out your event. Copy thats designed to catch your audience's attention and keep it. Never sales-y, because, ew.
  • Branded Graphics and Video: On-brand graphics and video that capture attention with optimized formatting.
  •  Pre-requisites: Ad budget available. Client must be willing to meet regularly for strategy sessions and be able to provide content. Preferably no later than 2-3 months prior to event. 
Event Execution
  • Onsite: My team and I attend every event in person for the white-glove treatment. We get there ahead of time to ensure everything is set up and ready to go before you and your guests arrive.
  • Production: From setup to clean up, we manage the entire event so you can be where you need to be, face to face with your people.
  • Management: Details are NEVER overlooked. From the moment you step off the plane you and your guests will be taken care of. 
  •  Global locations available: Bali, Thailand, Mexico, Ibiza,  French Wine Country,  English Countryside, Greek Islands...
  •   Staffing Plan: Whether we use my team or yours, we'll draw up an in-depth plan ensuring no task is overlooked. 
  •  Pre-requisites: Event budgets start at 10k. Client must be willing to meet regularly for strategy sessions.  Subject to availability.
Funnels + Systems
  • Funnel Strategy: Your fully customized funnel complements your marketing strategy. Included is all the necessary scripts and templates you need for webinars, videos, interviews, etc. 
  •  Funnel Design: We take care of everything from opt-ins, order pages, payment pages, registration. 
  • Email Sequences: We've perfected the art of the follow up for both buyers and contemplates. We'll provide you with all the scripts you need to secure the sale and hype up your guests. 
  • Funnel Customization: Our team can handle all content changes, system set ups, and integrations. 
  • Pre-Requisites: Funnels start at 5k. 
Growth Retreat
  • Gina is a part of the exclusive Two Comma Club X Coaching program, Led by Russell Brunson, Co-Founder of Click Funnels. Gina has front-row access to all of the newest trends that will help you to constantly be ahead of the curve! 
  • She and her expert team have all the tools to take your business and brand to the next level.
  •  Mastermind Growth Retreat: Get access to our a team of experts for an all inclusive, 3 day event in paradise where you will be provided you with exactly everything you need to boost sales and create die-hard tribe members for life. 
  •  By application only. 
Sponsorship Training
  • Make more $$ by getting sponsorships that want what you engaged audience with the power to buy. 
  • Connect: Not sure who or how to ask? Fear not, we've got scripts (that we've used) tot help guide you to closing sponsorship deals faster than popping a bottle of bubbly. 
  • Communication: Once you've gotten a "YES" we'll take care of the rest from communication to coordination.
  • Pre-requisites: An idea of who you want to reach out to and/or an existing connection & relationship.
Offer Creation
  • Your tribe wants more from give it to them. What's your next offer after an event?
  •  Upsell: Don't know what to pitch once you're there? Don't worry, we'll strategize on it. 
  • Value Ladder: Analysis and creation of your existing and future value ladder to provide your tribe with more of your brand.
  • Competitor Hacking: Strategy and research session on your niche is doing to see what's working and what's not. 
  •  Pre-requisites: An existing mid range product and a history of strong sales. 
High Ticket Sales
  • Strategy: From selling your event ticket to whatever offer comes after, we'll coach you through how to overcome your customer's doubts and false beliefs.
  • NurtureME Method™️: Selling just doesn't stop once the event is over. Use our NurtureME Method™️ to increase sales and keep the cash flowing, well after your event.
  • Pre-requisites: Offer Creation Strategy and/or content for high ticket offer (written or produced, doesn't have to be formatted). Possible budget for high ticket closer. 
1-on-1 Coaching
  • Coaching: Looking for 1-on-1 support, education and mentorship for all things events, offer creation, high ticket sales,  funnels, business strategy, event management, and online marketing?
  • ​ If so, go ahead and apply for your discovery call to see if you we are a good fit for some 1-on-1 lovin'.
All of our services are holistic. They all include strategy, expertise and abilities - not just for a single aspect of your event, but for the WHOLE sha-bang

I'm a seasoned event planner (corporate and private), professional copywriter, expert funnel builder, & experienced marketer. Basically I'm the hypothetical love child between Russel Brunson and Martha Stewart, ya feel me? 

From my years in the entrepreneurial world, I've hand-crafted a kick ass team of noteworthy and successful experts in all fields that when fused together--create high-impact, EPIC events
We've been able to unlock the ability to scale, 
which most business owners really struggle to grasp! 
YES, I am that weird Unicorn that you've been searching for!
It's ABSOLUTELY imperative that you fill out an application TODAY if you want to work with me and my team for an event near end of 2019/early 2020. Because we pour our heart and soul into planning and crafting one-of-a-kind events, we only take 6-8 clients per calendar year. We only have two openings left so don't be a last minute Suzy. 
Our team is a hand selected collaboration of some of the most sought after and passionate experts ready to help transform your business event vision into a stellar reality!
From corporate events and team building workshops to luxury retreats and masterminds, no project is too big, small, or detailed for this planning queen. I've spent over $50K in Trainings, Events, and Education & I'm inside of Russell Brunson's 2CCX Program meaning the best names in the entrepreneurial world are only a phone call away! 
You Spend Your Time on Deliverying Your Product And Let Us Design and Mangage a High-Converting Event That Will Scale Your Business and Grow Your Tribe. 
You have nothing to lose when booking a free discovery call. Hear it from my past clients! 
Amy Campbell | Drexel University 
Jeff Eker | Culture Cloud
Sarah Tran | Wellness Guru
Milkent Sam  | Poca Story
Amy Campbell | University Director
Latasha ensures that everyone inside of goes through the same Certification process after being hired. Her team has been hand picked and thoroughly trained - Your success is our success!
When Crafting Your Signature Event Experience, We Attack it from Every Direction. 
Each Pillar is Crucial in Creating a High-Impact Event.
Meet the Bo$$ Lady
Gina is a Speaker, Entrepreneur, Planning Queen, Podcast Host, Event Extraordinaire, and Digital Nomad who is addicted to helping female entrepreneurs scale their business to the moon and back through high ticket offers and signature, branded, live events that actually MAKE them money and GROW their tribe. 
Founder, CEO 
  •  Hosted first 100k+ Event, 2014
  • ​First Professional Speaking Gig, 2015 
  • ​Launched First Successful Global Business, 2016
  • Professional Copywriter + Sales Funnel Expert, 2018
  • Moved Abroad + Launched Various Marketing Biz, 2018
  • Member Of Two Comma Club X, 2019
  • Mentored By Russell Brunson, Stephen Larson, & Myron Golden
    I DO NOT guarantee revenue goals. That's just not fair to ask of my, since I'm only one part of any business equation. Any client who has worked with me will tell you that i give you 1000% of my creative energy, time, and expertise. We limit the number of clients we take on so that we can assure that each event and client has our high-touch and complete attention. 

    I am committed to designing an on-brand event, keeping you organized, on point, and coming up with wild ideas and creative solutions on the spot.  I promise I will save you a sh*t ton of money than you would have spent going this route alone or if choosing other event planners who only know funnels as the thing beer flows through at a frat party. I  spare you the agony of vendor negotiations, timelines, budgets, various hat wearing, and the headache of managing a team. Rest easy, you don't have to do it alone.  

    I treat my client's businesses as if it was my own. My clients are an extension of myself, and therefore I give them everything. This mean, however, that I do not work with just anyone. I have a simple application process that helps save you (and me) both time if we're not a good fit. 
    But let me tell you, when we are--magic happens!
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    WHY US?
    Funnels Built
    We pride ourselves on being a Boutique Agency dedicated to helping Entrepreneurs launch their biz, We take great pride in every funnel strategy we create.
    LaunchMyDigitalBiz is proud to be recognized as a Certified Digital Agency.
      The Launch Team holds over 19 Digital Certifications to help you succeed!
    Team Members
    Our Launch Team is a hand selected team of Funnel Strategists, Funnel Builders, Automation Experts & Digital Marketers. Since we have such a large team we are able to complete funnels in record time! 
    Everyone that we invite to work with us is highly educated + skilled! 
    Funnels Hacked
    We've all heard the term Funnel Hackers, well at LaunchMyDigitalBiz we have studied Funnel Hacks from some of the best! You Provide us the Funnel you want Hacked and we will create that exact Funnel in a 100% Ethical way!
    Just A Few Of The 600+ Funnels We have Built!
    A VIP Client is a Client who chooses to add our Video + Branding into their selected packages.
    Would you like a quick funnel Solution? If so take a look at our Hacked Funnels! Simply Change the copy and colours! 
    Want To Run A New Ad Campaign?
    Leverage Our Team Of Marketing Experts To Build Your Entire Advertising Campaign For You

    When it comes to creating an advertising campaign, there is a lot of factors that make it successful... Things like:

    - Choosing An Ad Type
    - Writing Ad Copy
    - Following Ad Policies
    - Choosing The Correct Ad Objective
    - Managing An Ad Budget
    - And Many, Many More Technical Settings...
    Want To Improve Ad Performance?
    Our Team Of Experts Will Review Your Advertising Campaigns To Ensure They're Set Up For Peak Performance

    You're currently running ads and you just aren't getting the results you were looking for and you've hit a roadblock... Such as:

    - Cost Of Ads/Leads Are Too High
    - Traffic And Leads Aren't Converting
    - Ads Are Disapproved
    - Account Has Been Suspended
    - Audience Isn't Responsive
    - Website/Funnel Is Not Converting!
    You May Be Asking...
    How Are You Different Than A Traditional Advertising Agency?
    Traditional Advertising Agency
    • Large Up-Front Set Up Fees And A Mark Up On Ad Spend That Costs You More Money In The Long Run
    • Cookie Cutter Website Designed To Make You Feel Good - Not Actually Convert Leads Into Sales
    • Extended, Long-Term Contracts With Legal Ramifications Designed To Lock You In Regardless Of Results
    • Dependent On Agency - They Control Your Ads, Websites And Can Stop Running Your Ads At Anytime
    • The More You Invest In Advertising, The More The Agency Makes - Most Agencies Take A Percentage Of Ad Spend
    • Extremely Low Set Up Fee And A Standard Monthly Maintenance Fee Regardless Of Ad Spend
    • Done-For-You Advertising Creation 100% Focused On Dropping Your Cost Per Lead And Increasing Lead Flow
    • Short-Term Contract To Start With A 100% Lead Generation Guarantee
    • We Create The Ad Strategy For You - This Includes Pages, Funnels, And Other Softwares At No Additional Cost
    • Ability To Scale Without Losing Money - You Spend As Much As You Want On Your Ads, We Don't Take A Dime!
    You May Be Asking...
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